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Where To Buy Bakelite

Bakelite bracelets can often be found where antiques and collectibles are sold. Check out antiques shops, antiques malls, antiques auctions and estate sales in your area to see if you come across Bakelite bracelets.

where to buy bakelite


Depending on where you are browsing from our site will sometimes convert prices to your local currency to give you an easier idea of how much products cost. Ultimately, all transactions are billed in GBP, with the currencies converted by your bank or payment provider, so the final payment amount may vary slightly from the estimate given when placing your order.

An artisan named Nick Peterson at Save The Gammon is hand-crafting doubling cubes with a modern resin that approximates the colors and variations of classic bakelite cubes, with impressive results. As you can see, his yellow cube does not produce the discoloring of simichrome polish that the green one does.

During World War I, Bakelite was used widely, particularly in electrical systems. Important projects included the Liberty airplane engine,[34] the wireless telephone and radio phone,[35] and the use of micarta-bakelite propellers in the NBS-1 bomber and the DH-4B aeroplane.[36][37]

By the late 1940s, newer materials were superseding Bakelite in many areas.[40] Phenolics are less frequently used in general consumer products today due to their cost and complexity of production and their brittle nature. They still appear in some applications where their specific properties are required, such as small precision-shaped components, molded disc brake cylinders, saucepan handles, electrical plugs, switches and parts for electrical irons, as well as in the area of inexpensive board and tabletop games produced in China, Hong Kong and India. Items such as billiard balls, dominoes and pieces for board games such as chess, checkers, and backgammon are constructed of Bakelite for its look, durability, fine polish, weight, and sound.[citation needed] Common dice are sometimes made of Bakelite for weight and sound, but the majority are made of a thermoplastic polymer such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).Bakelite continues to be used for wire insulation, brake pads and related automotive components, and industrial electrical-related applications. Bakelite stock is still manufactured and produced in sheet, rod and tube form for industrial applications in the electronics, power generation and aerospace industries, and under a variety of commercial brand names.[40]

By 1899, the invention of Velox photographic paper had already made Leo Baekeland a wealthy man. At his Snug Rock estate in Yonkers, New York, he maintained a home laboratory where he and his assistant, Nathaniel Thurlow, involved themselves in a variety of projects.

Along with its electrical uses, molded Bakelite found a place in almost every area of modern life. From novelty jewelry and iron handles to telephones and washing-machines impellers, Bakelite was seen everywhere and was a constant presence in the technological infrastructure. The Bakelite Corporation adopted as its logo the mathematical symbol for infinity and the slogan, "The Material of a Thousand Uses," but they recognized no boundaries for their material.

He settled in New York City, where the patronage of Columbia University professor Charles F. Chandler led him to a position at a local photographic supply company. This led in turn to his first major successful invention, Velox, a new type of photographic paper that would take images using artificial light. When George Eastman bought the rights to Velox in 1899, Baekeland became financially free to follow whatever scientific pursuits appealed to him.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Bakelite Synthetics is a leading global integrated producer of thermoset specialty resins, solutions and engineered thermoset molding compounds serving a variety of segments and end markets across geographies. Additional information about Bakelite Synthetics and its products is available at

For a wholesale bakelite, visit This online shopping platform has partnered with various global wholesalers to offer you a wide range of plastic raw materials. Visit the website at any time and place your order with a few clicks.

Are you looking for a bakelite? Look no further than Metal crafts are simply items made from metal and can be used in homes for decorative purposes. Rulers and nobles majorly used these crafts to signify royalty and class in the past. However, nowadays, you can find a bakingelite in many homes. They make your house attractive and classy. Examples of metals that can be customized in a sizes of shapes, sizes, and materials. These metals are melted and cast into different shapes through hollow and solid casting.

Each bakelite has its use. Polypropylene is particularly prevalent in interior automobile applications. However, polyamide is more prevalent in the engine compartment because it has a greater melting temperature and is stronger. ABS is another bakelite that we come across in our daily lives. It is used for making kitchen appliances and computer equipment because of its impact resistance and hardness. It is also used in the automobile industry if a high-gloss finish and the necessary qualities of heat resistance are required. Some manufacturers also prefer mixing the two raw materials to benefit from both of their properties. 041b061a72


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