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Marvel Spider Man [NEW]

Successful and consecutive attacks build "Focus", which can be partially used to heal Spider-Man, while full Focus allows special finishing attacks to take down an enemy instantly.[3][5] Spider-Man possesses "spider-sense", which is shown as a white icon around the character's head, indicating an incoming attack that can be dodged. A precise dodge performed just before the attack hits allows Spider-Man to retaliate with webbing against the enemy.[5] Some enemies must be overcome using different approaches. Melee-weapon-wielding enemies must be knocked into the air and shielded enemies must be attacked from behind. Enemies armed with whips will drag Spider-Man out of the air and require a counterattack to fight effectively. Other types of enemy include heavily armored agents who can take more damage, brutes, and jetpack-wearing enemies who remain airborne.[8]

marvel spider man

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Marvel's Spider-Man features a large ensemble cast of characters drawn from the history of Spider-Man comics. Peter Parker (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal)[25] is a 23-year-old research assistant,[4][26] who gains superhuman abilities after being bitten by a genetically modified spider. Assuming a secret identity as the superhero Spider-Man, Peter uses these abilities to protect the residents of New York City.[27] Eight years into his superhero career, Peter has become an experienced crime fighter but struggles to balance his superhero and personal lives. Peter is assisted by Daily Bugle reporter Mary Jane Watson (Laura Bailey),[25] his ex-girlfriend,[26][4] and NYPD captain Yuri Watanabe (Tara Platt).[25] In his civilian life, Peter is supported by his Aunt May (Nancy Linari)[25] who volunteers at the F.E.A.S.T. homeless shelter run by philanthropist Martin Li (Stephen Oyoung).[4][25] Peter is employed by his friend and mentor, the respected scientist Dr. Otto Octavius (William Salyers).[26][28]

Spider-Man gradually takes back the city, defeating Electro, Vulture, Rhino, and Scorpion. Mary Jane infiltrates Osborn's penthouse and learns that Oscorp developed Devil's Breath to cure Osborn's terminally ill son Harry.[32] As a child, Li was a test subject for the cure, gaining his abilities in an explosion of energy that also killed his parents and caused his hatred for Osborn. She also learns that an antidote for Devil's Breath exists and that Li has stolen it. Spider-Man tracks down and defeats Li, but Octavius arrives, brutalizes Spider-Man, and escapes with the antidote and Osborn. While Spider-Man recovers, Miles is bitten by an Oscorp genetically modified spider that Mary Jane unknowingly carried from Osborn's penthouse.[32]

Three months later, New York has returned to normal, and Peter and Mary Jane rekindle their relationship. Miles reveals to Peter that he has gained spider-like powers, prompting Peter to reveal his own. Having resigned as mayor in disgrace, Osborn enters a secret laboratory where Harry is kept in stasis with a black, web-like substance.[c] As Osborn places his hand on the tank, the substance reacts and copies him.[32]

Insomniac wanted to modernize Spider-Man's costume while paying homage to the original design by Steve Ditko. The new design features a large, white spider symbol that stretches across the torso, gauntlet-like gloves, and a sneaker-style design based on athletic-wear rather than knee-high boots. Chew said the design goal was to create clothing a "23-year-old, would-be superhero" would wear in 2018 New York City. White was added to the traditional, red-and-blue color scheme. Chew compared the outfit to compression wear and said each color represents a different material; blue is the most flexible and is where Spider-Man requires the most flexibility, such as his limbs. The red material is flexible but is thicker for protection from minor scuffs and scrapes, and the white, which is similar to carbon fiber and offers the most protection, is positioned on the chest, hands and feet.[55] Each costume features custom web-shooters unique to the suit for which they were designed.[46] Unlike previous incarnations as a model or nightclub owner, this version of Mary Jane is an aspiring reporter who wears a smart, sensible, and stylish outfit to reflect her modeling history. Chew said they aimed to use many body types for female characters. Mister Negative was initially designed as a young rebel wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses; the progression of the story influenced the character and the decision was made to better reflect his true nature, giving him a black-and-white suit showing his human and transformed negative-photo-effect persona.[43]

In 2019, Diamond Select Toys and Sideshow Collectibles released, respectively, a 10-inch statue of Spider-Man and a 1/6 scale statue based on the in-game Spider-Punk costume, including a guitar and spider-drone.[69][70] Various Funko Pop! Vinyl figures have been released, based on different characters and designs from the game.[71][72][73] The advanced suit created for the game appears in the 2018 film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse among the suits collected by the Peter Parker of Miles Morales' universe.[74]

Marvel's Spider-Man was released worldwide on September 7, 2018, exclusively for PlayStation 4.[1] Customers who pre-ordered the game were given instant access to some unlockable, in-game features, including alternative costumes (Spider-Punk, Iron Spider, and the Velocity Suit, the latter designed by comic book artist Adi Granov),[67] skill points to unlock abilities, the spider-drone, a Spider-Man theme featuring artwork by Granov, and a user avatar for the PlayStation software. Special versions of the game were also made available; the "Digital Deluxe" version includes access to The City That Never Sleeps' three story-based DLC chapters and a limited-edition Spider-Man pin for pre-orders of this version in the U.S. and Canada.[89][90] The Collector's Edition includes The City That Never Sleeps DLC, a custom steelbook case for the game, an artbook containing concept and unreleased art, a white spider sticker, and a Spider-Man statue created by Gentle Giant. Sony also released a limited-edition red PlayStation 4 Pro bearing the Spider-Man emblem and including the standard version of the game.[89] Marvel's Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition was released on August 28, 2019, containing the game and The City That Never Sleeps DLC.[91]

Sometimes student, sometimes scientist and sometimes photographer, Peter Parker is a full-time super hero better known as the web-slinging and wall-crawling Spider-Man. As an orphaned child, Peter was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. At a science expo, Peter was bitten by an errant radioactive spider which granted him an array of arachnid powers. He initially became Spider-Man to use his powers as an entertainer, growing so conceited he didn't bother stopping a passerby burglar. In a twist of fate, the same burglar wound up killing Peter's Uncle Ben, leading him to realize that he needed to use his powers responsibly.[30] From then on, Spider-Man became a crime-fighting vigilante.[125]

While attending a General Techtronics public exhibition, a 15-year-old Peter Parker was bitten on the hand by a spider, which was irradiated by the demonstration's particle accelerator. Oblivious after falling from his hand, the spider used its last pulses of life to bite a girl, Cindy Moon, on the ankle before dying from the radiation.[134]

Making his way home afterward, Peter was almost hit by a car until he leapt out of the way onto a building site a couple of meters high. Peter discovered he had somehow gained incredible strength, agility, and surface scaling; all spider-like traits that he immediately associated with the spider bite at the demonstration.[30]

Encountering an ad offering a cash prize for lasting three minutes in the ring with Joseph "Crusher" Hogan, Peter decided this would be a good way to test his powers. Wearing a mask to avoid humiliation in case of defeat, Peter used his powers and easily defeated his opponent. TV producer Maxwell Shiffman observed his performance and convinced him to go on television with his 'act.' Designing a full costume and fabricating synthetic spider's web and wrist-mounted web-shooters, Peter debuted as "Spider-Man" to become an immediate sensation.

The first problem young Peter faced was the lack of money with the death of his uncle. Due to the fact that his Aunt May was too weak to work, and Peter was seen as fragile, he decided to get a job, even though Aunt May wanted him to become a scientist instead. Peter even thought about using his spider powers for crime out of desperation but decided against it after thinking how his Aunt would react to him in jail.

Aunt May supposedly suffered a debilitating heart attack. This also led to the Parkers meeting Ben Reilly, a clone of himself whom Peter had fought earlier. Reilly created a similar spider-costume, dubbed the Scarlet Spider by the Daily Bugle, and helped Spider-Man in his adventures. Shortly afterward, Mary Jane became pregnant, and the apparent revelation that Ben was the original Peter Parker and Peter the clone prompted Peter to retire from Spider-Man and relocate to Portland.

As Peter was recovering from the encounter with the Gatekeeper, Ezekiel brought him to the temple where he had obtained his powers in South America and planned to use him in a sacrificial ritual to maintain his abilities. The ritual linked Peter's mind with Ezekiel's and made him realize he had wasted his gifts, unlike Peter. When a spider monster emerged to kill Peter, Ezekiel gave his life to save him. A shaman named Miguel who had previously helped Ezekiel buried his body. When Peter asked him whether his powers came from science or magic, Miguel told him that one explanation didn't necessarily contradict the other.[231]

Changes came to Spider-Man's very own physical nature when he confronted a new villain known as the Queen, who invaded New York and used her powers to take control over the citizens who possessed the vestige of an insect gene. As a consequence of a mutation caused by the Queen during a confrontation against her, Peter's body began to slowly transform into that of a giant spider which fell prey to the Queen's mind-control. 041b061a72


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