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Fantastic Voyage 1966 Movie Free Download ((TOP))

In the 1966 movie Fantastic Voyage, a microscopic medical team travels through a human body using a shrunken submarine. While shrinking people remains fiction, researchers in California have developed a micromotor that can travel through a mouse's stomach lining - a breakthrough that could allow drugs to be delivered to precisely where they're needed.

Fantastic Voyage 1966 Movie Free Download


In the 1966 movie Fantastic Voyage, an experimental technique that can miniaturise matter, for up to one hour, is used to shrink a team of people to the size of single cells and inject them into the body of a brilliant scientist, on a mission to a relieve a blood clot in his brain.

In 1966, the wide-screen movie Fantastic Voyage took viewers inside the human body by injecting a miniaturized submarine, its crew and a surgical team into the carotid artery. Their mission was to break up a clot and save the VIP patient. Traveling through the heart to the brain, reveals a world of dazzling color, a floating wonderland with huge red corpuscles, whirling globules, platelets and particles.


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